Garage Care

The Garage Care software allows garages to efficiently manage the garage service process like, from adding garage service job to printing the invoice. It makes easy for managing the garage process create new service jobs, Adding the service packages, manage purchase items, generate reports, adding & managing vehicles.


Manage Job Orders

Allows the receptionist to add & manage the jobs like tyre change, car wash, car repair etc.

Purchase Management

The purchase management allows to manage the purchases conducted by the garage like tyre, tools, parts etc.

Service Package Management

 Allows to setup the subscription based service packages for customers that visits regularly.

Purchase return Management

Purchase return functionality allows to keep track of the damaged items that need to be returned. It allows follow up and manage the purchase return process.

Vehicle Management

Allows to track & manage vehicles that are need to be serviced and service completed vehicles.


Get deeper insight on the garage by analyzing invoice reports, sales reports.

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