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At the heart of the custom software development process is continuous software consulting. Nobody knows your business better than you do. So while we are not here to tell you what your company needs, our experts will provide input regarding how to best execute the solutions you want. We act as a technology consult throughout the entire process, starting and ending at any point you designate.



So you have an awesome idea to enhance user experience. Fantastic. We will work with you to refine and perfect it, taking into account different perspectives and establishing the requirements needed to execute it. Idaksh Technologies can make sure the documented requirements are actionable, measurable, testable, relevant to business needs, and defined for the next step.



Knowing all the requirements, Idaksh Technologies can help you design the product for your users and your systems. We’ll help you pursue the right development architecture and technologies that meet those requirements and best fit your concept and budget. Think of it like this: you wouldn’t build your dream home without first consulting a banker, architect, and builder, would you?



After scoping the project with you, your Idaksh Technologies dedicated development team works collaboratively with your internal team to build the solution that best meets the requirements. Your Idaksh Technologies Project Manager (PM) will oversee this stage. Using scrum and other agile development methodologies, the PM will work hand-in-hand with your team to ensure full transparency and accessibility, ultimately delivering high quality code on time.



There will be no surprises when working with us. A Idaksh Technologies testing team will be assigned to your custom software development project; they conduct ongoing functional, regression, performance, and integration tests to ensure your custom software works as required, both during and after development.


Custom software development is so much more than delivering a finished product and walking away. At Idaksh Technologies, we possess experienced support teams that work to satisfy both your customers and your infrastructure. Our team has the experience to turn your product support into a competitive advantage – and potentially a profit center.


When hired for custom software development, we develop with future expansion in mind. Your software, designed to help you grow, is developed for flexibility and scalability. When the time comes, your company can scale or pivot without making complete software overhauls, and Idaksh Technologies can perform the necessary maintenance. Additionally, our team of experts is qualified and capable of working with other third party developed applications as well.

Custom Software Development


At Idaksh Technologies, custom software development means delivering high-quality, easy-to-use products that add value to your enterprise – on time and on budget. We employ exceptional UX designers and software engineers to work collaboratively with you at any point in the software development life cycle (SDLC). So whether you need help building an existing application or need a partner to help you take a new product from prototype to market, we provide the scale and expertise you need to succeed.


Our team of expert software developers works on-site with your technical team.


We supply remote technical specialists who provide guidance, project support, and top-notch quality checks.


Combining both on-site and remote specialists, this hybrid model delivers optimal balance of cost savings, customer service, and project efficiency.

Why Idaksh

We’re not going to hard sell you on this. Simply put, we’ve been providing custom software development and delivering value-added products to enterprise clients in various industries, ranging from healthcare and technology to banking and energy.

Our dedicated development teams, scalability, and quality processes merge seamlessly into your existing workflow. If you question whether your project is a fit for us, just ask. We’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction if it’s not.

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A Idaksh Technologies dedicated development team will guide you through the custom software development process, meeting all requirements with full transparency and accessibility.


You control the budget as the team scales up or down over time. In this way, the cost is completely within your control, combined with the flexibility to meet demands as they change.


Our adaptive development methodology, which relies on best practices and industry standards, helps us deliver only the highest class of technology applications.

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