Server Migration

Our migration service allows you to make a seamless move of your current hosting infrastructure to our global network or Choice of your Own. Or you can upgrade your existing server from shared hosting to a dedicated server. The team makes it trouble-free and when you host with us, domain registration is free.

We understand these types of concerns all too well, and recognize that in the wrong hands a mismanaged server migration could literally bring down an entire business. This is precisely why we have established our own in-house service purely dedicated to performing server migrations for our customers.

When you do business with us, we want to ensure that all aspects of your project are managed professionally. Our company is founded on the principle of providing unified services and truly seamless solutions. The only way we can guarantee a successful outcome every time is by taking full responsibility for all aspects of our client’s projects. Migrating to our servers and Web Hosting packages is certainly a wise move and comes with many advantages. By allowing us to fully manage your server migration, you gain the security and peace of mind of knowing that the job will be handled the right way! Our team of dedicated engineers are experts in the intricacies, details and nuances of full-scale server migrations. We’re capable of migrating the largest installations for Fortune 500 companies, to the smallest website or blog and literally everything in between. There’s really nothing we can’t handle, and we gladly offer this service to all our clients when they decide to host with us!

Moving your website to our web servers is a breeze. Our team of highly skilled engineers can migrate everything.

Move your Hosting Packages to IDaksh  in just 3 simple steps!

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