Leads Track Application

Tracks the status of the leads

Leads track application which tracks the status of the leads. Let us discus the source of leads which comes to the application. First thing when people views website and if they send enquiry regarding company products then these leads were automatically added for application when they send. Other than that admin can manually add the leads to application which they get personally. So these leads were assigned to any of the leads based on location by admin. Then dealers will follow the leads based on which is assigned them identified through application. For every lead follow up dealer will update the status of lead. So these leads work progress which is tracked by company admin.


Auto lead generation to application directly from website

 When lead request comes from website automatically added for application.

Provision for add manual leads

 Other than website leads admin can add manual leads which comes directly for them.

Lead assign provision for different dealers

 Ones lead comes then admin can assign these leads to different dealers based on location of lead and dealers.

Lead follow for dealer

In every lead follow up dealer can update status of leads, which is every time changes.

Lead status tracker

Admin every time can track lead status, then he can follow up leads through dealers.

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