Inventory Management System

The Product Inventory Management System helps to automate the order management and inventory management process no more complicated excel files all the information on click of the button. The Inventory Management helps you to manage the product inventory easily and effectively. And Informs total stock items, empty stock. It helps deliver customer products easily.



manage-orderMANAGE ORDERS

Create Purchase Orders and Sales Orders in minutes. Manage your orders from one central location.

product-trackingPRODUCT TRACKING

Keep track of your products all the time.  Keep your stock up to date to increase the potential sales.

customer managementCUSTOMER MANAGEMENT

Better Customer management to Better serving the loyal customers.

visualize-reportVISUALIZED REPORTS

Get better insights of Inventory and Sales with the built-in robust set of reporting and analytics tools.


Purchase management allows creating and managing the purchases like GST and other Billing information.

product-managementPRODUCT MANAGEMENT

Product management enables to manage the products efficiently and effectively .

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