Package Booking Application

Book different tour package for multiple members

Package booking application which is used to book different tour package for multiple members with multiple packages. Provision for add multiple members data together with their full personal details. Booking form view available for all customers who will wish to book tour package. Then customers have to enter how many spaces need for them, according to space they have to enter all members’ personal details then price automatically calculated, then proceed to submit.

After submission admin will receive all details of all members with price and  admin will process their request through email and phone. All members details maintained under software which admin can export for excel.


Provision for add n number of packages

There is a facility for add n number of tour packages which will automatically display on front end of booking form.

Provision for add n number of members while booking

There is a space to add n number of members for different category of packages which is very convenient.

Automatic price calculation for all tour package category wise

  There is automatic calculation of price based on package  which is category wise separately.

Different price setting for different category of members

 If there is any price changes for different types of customers or members which is auto settings available and reflects in booking form

Maintains the records of all members

 In every booking of all members it maintains the data which is easily manageable.

Export of all member records to excel

 All members data can be exportable and editable which is single and multiple.

Status tracking of amount paid and non paid customers

Every member amount paid status updatable which is easy to track who paid and not paid.

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