Restaurant Billing software

Fast order taking and fast billing.

Restaurant one of the most crowded place where everyone is in hurry, they want their order should be placed fast and faster the billing should be. The biggest challenges in restaurant industry are order entry management, fast billing. So restaurant Billing software which allows you to make fast order taking and fast billing. There is also provision for update KOT, also shows running tables for fast browse among all tables, which is very fast convenient way for close the bill. Shortcut key provision allow much faster way for taking order.


Fast and convenient way for order management iconFast and convenient way for order management

To take fast order of items order which is very suitable for restaurant where need not to struggle when taking bulk of order together. This application helps to take fast order very easily and very convenient to handle.

Fast billing generate iconFast billing generate

 When order get completes this application generates quick bill where need not wait  much.

Shortcut keys for fast billing iconShortcut keys for fast billing

For the purpose of fast billing there is shortcut keys which avoids mouse handling.

Provision for update KOT iconProvision for update KOT

 In every order it also generates KOT bill which is useful for kitchen to prepare which is ordered, every time it get updates automatically.

Employee tagging option for tables iconEmployee tagging option for tables

Employee tagging option available which is useful to identify which employee handles which table customers. System shows running tables which allows to close the bill or to update kot much faster

Provision for tracking daily transactionProvision for tracking daily transaction

To track daily transaction list of order this report helps.

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